New Zealand Authorities Looking to Ban Casino Credit Card Deposits

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It has always been a grey area, making online and mobile casino deposits using a credit card, for whilst Mastercard have self-imposed a ban on players from doing so, Visa and some of the smaller credit card issuers have shied away from doing so.

However, the New Zealand authorities are looking into ways of putting into place a potential ban on all credit cards being used as a deposit option to online players, for the way they see it gambling on credit is something no one should be put into the position of being able to do.

Whether a ban will come into force does still remain to be seen, but having said that there are plenty of alternative ways for players to fund their casino and any type of gambling site account, many of which are listed on the website some of which actually allow players to fund those alternative such as a web wallet or e-wallet using a credit card.

The Department of Internal Affairs do face some problems imposing such a ban, but they are likely to do what other government agencies have done in the past and put the onus on credit card issuers to impose and police such bans, rather than look to individual casino sites to impose such bans on their players.

It must be said though, that many savvy online casino players that are based in New Zealand are more that aware of the additional fees and charges associated with using a credit card as their preferred payment option and will rarely ever use such cards.

Those fees and charges which really can put a dent into the value of their gambling bankroll include cash advance fees on all deposits made into gambling sites, interest payments and in some cases even forex related costs when players choose to deposit in a different currency than NZD.

The web is littered with stories of players who have been unable to control their gambling activities and have run up massive debts by gambling on credit using their credit cards, and being unable to pay off their monthly bill will see those debts growing quite significantly the longer they do not pay off their bill.

What the authorities should be doing in New Zealand  and possibly hand in hand with a credit card ban on online casino deposits in an attempt to combat gambling addiction and people overspending is demanding that all casinos available to citizens of that country have strict deposit limits either imposed on them or via players being given access a set of player adjustable gambling limit option settings.

Such settings are available to players based in the UK and across Europe too and have been embraced by players who know that once they reach their own self imposed deposit limit, they are not going to be able to make any additional deposits via any method and not just credit cards into a casino or gambling site, in fact that may just be something else that the DIA in New Zealand are looking into right now too.

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